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The beauty that is Converse

Jess Solomon

Staff Writer

Jess Solomon portrait.jpg

Converse shoes are the greatest shoes ever, both as a company and as a product.
Converse, as a brand, is an icon, having been established in 1908. They have truly stood the test of time. As shoes, they are incredibly comfortable, durable and stylish.
For me, Converse shoes are a lifestyle. Due to some physical limitations and having to wear leg braces, Converse shoes are the only shoes that are able to fit my braces and my lifts. These shoes are surprisingly durable while being flexible at the same time. People ask me why I wear Converse shoes—because, for them, it feels like there is no support. The shoes give me support through a sort-of loophole. Since there is no support, I am able to stretch them to fit my braces. From the outside, it appears as if I am only wearing the Converse shoes. Internally, I have a lift, a brace, and then the actual shoes.
These shoes give me freedom—freedom to be stylish, freedom to be creative, freedom to dress however I want. This brand comes in all styles, from high-tops to slip-ons and recently released snow-boots to the classic canvas sneaker. Converse shoes always allow you to match them with any outfit you are wearing. From classic all black shoes to their Missioni x Converse collaboration, with Missioni’s classic weaved zigzag patterns stitched with purples and oranges, Converse can truly go with any outfit.
Wearing Converse shoes has taken me from under the equator to the top of high mountains, to meeting Presidents and seeing the Pope. Converse shoes are a key part of my life, and I truly do not know what I would be able to wear if I had not discovered them. They have dressed up my prom dress, and they’re gone with my pajamas for a spontaneous late-night diner excursion.
I cannot wait to see where else my Converse shoes will take me. So, here’s to more adventures, and remember, as the company’s slogan says: “They’re made by you.”




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