It’s Snow Joke: The January Blizzard

Jasmine Hubara, Staff Writer

Meteorologists called it a record snowfall. My friends called it “Snow-verreaction 2016.” I called it absolute winter paradise.

January 22 brought two feet of snow to the DC/Baltimore area, cancelling around 9,000 flights and causing about 1,000 car accidents. Most of the northeast was blanketed in powdery white. When I woke up on Saturday morning, my years of dreams for snow had come true: I was given a winter wonderland, and it was exactly what I’d imagined. Of course, since this was my first real experience with snow, no snowfall we get from now on will be able to live up to the blizzard that graced us last month.

I grew up in the “Deep South,” and snow is not in any way natural to me. Intense flooding? Yep. (My hometown of Charleston got more than eleven inches in one day, thanks to Hurricane Joaquin.) Hurricanes? Sure. (School gets cancelled.) Constant humidity? Of course. (An absolute pain.) When it comes to snow, I’m basically illiterate. It turns out that you can’t make snowballs with freshly fallen snow, much to my dismay. I also learned that, while snow is beautiful, it’s not fun to touch without gloves, and that getting it in your shoes is possibly the worst thing you can do.

When I got the email that Goucher had decided to delay the start of the semester by a few days, I was overjoyed. Finally, the snow days I’d dreamed of for eighteen years! But, living in a post-blizzard semester has me feeling differently. I loved having those two days off, but I was left without the comfort of what I call the “Syllabus Reading Day,” which is the first day of classes where you just have to show up. It’s a nice transition—you have the misfortune of waking up before noon, but you still have that vacation mindset where you don’t have to participate in class yet. This semester, however, Syllabus Reading Day was cancelled, and my internal clock was thrown off. Is this vacation or school? Can I truly relax, or do I have to start stressing about assignments? At the very least, I had to mentally prepare myself for the horror of waking up for my 8 AM class. (And I think I speak for others when I say that this semester has been rough so far.)

On the other hand, I think that the FMS crew did an amazing job plowing the roads so students could return to campus. It’s a tremendous effort that I can’t even begin to comprehend, and they deserve a huge thank you. Not all superheroes wear capes, but they do plow snow.

As for the rest of the year, I’d love some more snow days, but I think that the season is starting to turn a corner here in Towson. Then again, I don’t know much about the winter season—my friends make fun of me for calling my winter jacket a “snow coat.”


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