Loyola University Career Fair: A Review

Lauren Massuda
Staff Writer

The Career Fair at Loyola University, held on February 19, was the first career fair that I ever attended, so I was definitely overwhelmed by all the organizations cramped together in one big room.
Hundreds of panels were set up in a gymnasium, all different organizations that ranged from insurance companies to government agencies. It was great that there was a huge variety, although I didn’t think there were enough opportunities for a liberal arts student. As an English major, I didn’t find many companies that suited my passion for writing. One employee did ask me if I was interested in teaching, but teaching is far from what I was looking for beyond graduation. I was interested in publishing, television writing, and social media—or even writing contents for a company’s website.
I fortunately came across the Baltimore Sun Media Group who gave me great information about what they do, such as publishing intriguing stories online that would attract readers. The employees at the table were kind enough to ask me for my résumé, so I handed one of the ten copies I printed out. I was able to talk to the employees about myself, and luckily I did so with confidence, even though I was anxious at the time. It didn’t help that I also felt claustrophobic due to the huge crowd, but that was to be expected since this was a big event.
Another panel that I stopped by was Agora Financial. This company works alongside AGORA, a large publishing company in Baltimore. Although Agora Financial deals more on the money side, I went to the panel anyway to see what opportunities were available. The employees told me that it was fine to have a job that does not necessarily meet your interests. I learned that there is almost no guarantee that you will find what you’re looking for immediately, and that it’s good to start with something different before working your way up to a position that fit with your interests.
Even though I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, I still talked to different employees. I’ll certainly be looking more into the Baltimore Sun Media Group and Agora Financial while continuing my search for something good over the summer. I would attend if there was another opportunity for a career fair, especially because I didn’t see enough organizations at Loyola that interested me. Either way, I’m glad I went to Loyola. It was a pleasant experience, and anyone looking for a job should definitely attend when the opportunity arises.


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