The 2nd Annual Sophia Kurek Dance-A-Thon

Michayla Kelly, Staff Writer

On September 24, the part of the campus between the dance department and the tennis courts, usually sleepy on Saturdays, was transformed into a picture of community, music, and festival thanks to the 2nd Annual Sophia Kurek Dance-A-Thon. This year’s Dance-A-Thon, hosted by Orchesis (the dance board) and the Goucher dance program, was a successful fundraiser and community-building event. Lights, music, and dancing filled the Lilian Welsh Gymnasium, where some of Goucher’s best performance clubs made their fall debuts, including Brovado, Dance Team, Hip-Hop Team, Pizzazz, and The Reverend’s Rebels. In the hallway was a raffle with over sixty prizes donated by local businesses and artists, and outside Goucher students, staff, and faculty enjoyed food from local food trucks while listening to the rhythmic serenade of a drum circle led by José Bowen.



The Sophia Kurek Dance-A-Thon was created in 2015 to celebrate the life of Sophia Kurek ’13 and to raise money for the scholarship in her name. Sophia graduated Summa Cum Laude, Phi Betta Kappa in 2013 and was dancing professionally and completing her medical school applications at the time of her fatal accident. She is remembered for her grace, passion, diligence, and fiery spirit. Fittingly, Mara Bezerko, this year’s recipient of the Sophia L. Kurek Memorial Fund Scholarship, is a senior dance and biology major who will be starting medical school next summer. Mara, like Sophia, is known for exemplifying grace, passion, diligence, and spirit in everything she does.

With the Dance-A-Thon, we hope to create an annual Goucher tradition that brings the campus together for an evening of music, dancing, and community. Started in honor of someone who made an impact on so many, the Sophia Kurek Dance-A-Thon is an avenue for celebration. It is a reminder to celebrate life, joy, and the people around us and a way to honor the legacy of Sophia Kurek.


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