What’s happening to the chapel?


Usha Kaul, Staff Writer

Changes are coming to the chapel this summer. Thanks to many generous donations and the help of the office of Advancement, Facilities, the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, Goucher Hillel and the Office of Communications, we are happy to announce Goucher’s new interfaith center. “[Everyone] involved [is] excited to have a space for students from different religious and spiritual traditions and worldviews (including those who are not religious) to engage with one another. We see this as an opportunity for students to deepen their own spiritual practices as well as to broaden their understanding of others,” said Chaplain Cynthia Terry. The lower level will be home to the kitchen and great room–the heart of the space–providing a space for students to cook, talk and be together. The offices for the Chaplain, the Hillel Staff, and GCF will also be relocated there. Upstairs, will house the 4 prayer spaces, the Hillel lounge and the quiet lounge. There will be a Muslim prayer space, a Hindu prayer space, a Buddhist prayer space, and a shared space. The Quiet lounge will be a space for students who would like seclusion and comfort, for example, Bereavement Group, Surviving Together, and prayer groups. We are very excited about this and we hope all students will feel welcome! Stop in for a cup of tea and you may just end up staying! Construction is expected to start this coming summer and depending on funds, our anticipated premiere is November 2017.





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