A Letter From the Editor


Dear Reader,

Haven’t you heard? Writing for The Quindecim is cool now.

2017 is the year of making your voice heard, no more sitting silent, complaining in the line at Alice’s, arguing with your uncle in a facebook comment. Let’s have productive dialogue and let’s start or continue them here, in the pages of The Quindecim, amongst your peers.

In the five semesters I’ve been working for this newspaper, the biggest thing I hear from eager writers is “But what should I write?” I usually say, “Anything!” And honestly, you can write about anything. There is endless space under a section waiting to be filled with your words. While I want you to write about anything your great, big gopher heart desires, I realize that “anything” is a big prompt. I’m not here to tell you what to write but I will give you some ideas, because that’s what friends do.

My articles range from opinions on celebrity culture to call out posts on racism and feminism. I’ve taken advantage of the space The Q has offered us, and I’ll continue to do so during my last semester at Goucher. But, reader, I want to hear from you too. Here are a few questions I’m dying to know:

What gets you mad?

How do you survive the long nights in the Ath?

Who are your friends and what cool things are you all doing? Did you attend a protest recently? Do you frequent a restaurant or cafe?

Who is your favorite professor at Goucher? What have you always wanted to ask them? You really should ask them it.

Do you know what’s happening in Washington D.C.? Can you help us understand it all?

What is Goucher doing right? What is Goucher doing wrong?

Is your music taste better than everyone else’s? What are your top five songs this month, and why?

What are sports? And most importantly, what happens over there near the SRC?

If you’d like to answer any of these questions or if you’d like to come up with your own questions to answer in The Quindecim, email us at quin@mail.goucher.edu. We will be more than happy to work with you on getting your name in print. Your name would look so good in print.


Nashalia Ferrara



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