Networking Night

Megan Meluskey

Sports Editor

On Thursday, November 13, the Goucher College athletic department welcomed back four alumni to the varsity room of the Decker Sports and Recreation Center to talk with Goucher’s senior class athletes. The event is known as Senior Networking Night, where the seniors get the chance to talk with Goucher’s finest athlete alumni.
Senior Networking Night is an annual event and this year’s chosen alumni included, Alice Kennedy, ’97, Lisa Oleson Meagher ’82, Chris Murray ’03 and March Cousins ’95. While attending Goucher, Kennedy was a part of the women’s basketball team and is now the sustainability coordinator for the City of Baltimore. Oleson Megher played for the tennis team and has been a second grade teacher for the past twenty years. Murray was a member of the men’s soccer team who now works in the computer industry, and Cousins, a former member of the men’s lacrosse, basketball, and soccer teams at Goucher, found his way into teaching and coaching.
All alumni had fascinating stories to tell that greatly enlightened the current seniors of Goucher. Greg Permisson, head of Alumni Affairs and Sally Baum, head women’s tennis team, organized the event, believing that it serves to prepare future alumni of Goucher for life after graduation. The alumni on the panel discussed different jobs that led them to where they are now and the alterations in their career path. Kennedy talked about a chance internship with Aramark at Camden Yards that then led her to a job in California, prior to her current job. The alumni on the panel also gave insight on how their athletic experiences prepared them for life in the real world and how marketable the leadership they learned from their careers as college athletes. After the panel, the seniors got the opportunity to talk individually with the panelists and ask specific questions. It was a great night for all those involved.

Women’s Basketball makes a great start

Michael Layer
Staff Writer

The Goucher Women’s Basketball team is off to one of the best starts in school history. Over the course of three games, the Goucher Women’s Basketball team has outscored its opponents 254-100. Not only has Goucher won every game so far this season, but they have also won each game by an average of over 50 points. This is the first time the women’s team has started off the season 3-0 since 1993. Briana Bull ’18 commented on their strong start to the season, “it feels really good to make history… it’s going to be a season like no other.”
Recently, the Gophers beat the University of Valley Forge comfortably, confidently, and completely. By half time, Goucher’s impressive defense allowed only 8 points and scored a whopping 56. In the process, the team went on an extraordinary 32-0 run. After the game was over, Goucher again made history by winning 97-25, the highest point output since 2003, and the highest margin of victory since 1993. “We really focus on the small things,” Bull said, regarding her fantastic individual and team performance, “it’s those small things that mean a lot.”
The team’s start has been largely due to the leadership from Captains Olivia Nono ’16 and India Perkins ’16 as well as head coach and alumna Didi Cotton ‘96. Through an evident team philosophy regarding discipline, commitment, attitude, and a great work ethic, the team has been able to accomplish impressive feats. To Bull, it is the confluence of the different sources of leadership that propels the Goucher team: “It’s a balance… [Coach Cotton and the captains] pull us together, but on the court we play as one.”
The team’s next home game is against Drew, on Saturday December 6. They look to continue their amazing success in the ultra-competitive Landmark conference. On December 17, and 18, the team will travel to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to compete in the Cruzin’ Classic Tournament.

Athletic department finances

Michael Layer

Staff Writer

The 2014-15 season has been great for Goucher athletics. The men’s soccer team made history as they were semifinalists in the Landmark Conference Playoffs, the women’s basketball Team is off to their best start since 1993, the men’s swim team is 6-1, and the women’s field hockey team finished above .500 for the first time since 1995. In addition, many teams at Goucher are traveling to play their sports during winter and spring breaks. Notably, the women’s lacrosse team is going to North Carolina, both swim teams and men’s basketball are going to Puerto Rico, and the field hockey team is going to Argentina.
It has also been a great year financially for Goucher Athletics. Companies, such as Chick-fil-a, Eyre Bus, Tour and Travel, and MedStar Sports Medicine have contacted Goucher for corporate sponsorships. The Blue and Gold Society, an Alumni outreach program, has been an integral part of the funding of athletics at Goucher. Many sports teams have also been fortunate enough to receive special donations directly from alumni. For example, the equestrian team received over a half of a million dollars from an anonymous bequeath that is exclusively used to fund the Equestrian team.
The athletics department as a whole receives an operating budget from the college that is then divided among the different teams. Men’s basketball Head Coach Leonard Trevino, and associate athletic director meets with each coach and then determines how much the team requires. This is usually determined by squad size. However, Trevino also considers the needs and wants of each coach. Teams are also able to accrue additional funds, via the Blue and Gold Society, through independent fundraising, or through the players themselves. The swim team, for instance, uses a little bit of their budget to pay for their trip to Puerto Rico; however, it is up to the students to cover the remaining cost. The Field Hockey team, on the other hand, did a majority of their fundraising through pledges from alumnae/i, hosting tournaments, and bringing Color Me Rad to campus to cover their $50,000 trip.
Despite Goucher’s ability to finance twenty teams, according to Operations Manager, Nina Zacharias, “we do have a short fall every year.” This means that over the course of the academic and athletic year, the Athletics Department has more expenses than the college provides. In order to ease the expenses, the Blue and Gold Society holds an annual golf-outing, the Department sells memberships to the pool, and rents the pool out to the North Baltimore Aquatic Club. Other financial assistance comes from the generous donations of the Blue and Gold Society.
Athletics are a great source of pride for colleges across the nation. Even at Goucher, it is positive to see crowds of students supporting the Gophers. Sam Davis ’15 commented on what it means to be a fan of everything Goucher, “We want to make sure everyone feels super supported and understands that we’re gonna be there for them.” Morgan Richter ‘16 added, “We love it when there’s a full crowd. There’s nothing better than stepping up to the block and hearing the cheering of your friends.” Goucher College is very fortunate to be able to continue to do great things through athletics and it is largely due to the school, the alumni, and the families of students.

Men’s swim team finds early success

Michael Layer

Staff Writer

In Goucher’s Eline von Borries Aquatic Center, the individual success of the men’s swim team is displayed on an enormous white record board, loaded with the best times from the best swimmers on their best days. These records, with events rang- ing from a 50 yard sprint to a torturous mile swim, are almost entirely held by current Goucher students. In speaking with several members of the swim team, it was apparent that their ambition for success was complimented, if not motivated, by the team’s altruism.

For every event, members of the team crowd around the edges of the pool, cheering on their teammates, boosting signs saying, “Friends don’t quit.” Morgan Richter ’16 commented on the team cohesion in a sport focused on the individual, “When you’re at the meet, some- times, it feels very individual, but the reason you got there is because of people pushing you in practice.” Richter continued, commenting that much of the team’s success is high- lighted by their desire for success, their compassion, and their encouragement, regardless of how individualistic the races might seem.

Captain Sam Davis ’15 knows that success does not happen overnight. He mentioned that Coach Tom Till holds practice every opportunity he can, whether it’s a workout in the gym, multiple practices a day, running on the track, or even practice on the weekends. “I know how hard other college athletes work…but some of the best athletes in the world are college swimmers… the amount of time [we] put in is ridiculous.”

The team is looking big- ger, stronger, and faster than ever before. Davis, al- though praising his team, has high expectations. “We’re not sitting there, saying we want medals, we want first, we want conference championships, NCAA qualifications, we want a lot of big things this year.” He continued, im- ploring his team to break all nineteen records this year. “It’s within reach for the first time in history.”

The team’s inspiration hasn’t always been driven by extrinsic motivation. At one point the swim team only had three members, one of them being recent alumni, Brendan “Bo” Mc- Fadden ‘13. They were dubbed the “Ironmen,” and these three dedicated swimmers would compete in every event, simply to avoid forfeiting the meet.

“This is the best swim team… We weren’t always like this,” he said, watch- ing as the men’s team beat the University of Scranton for the first time in school history.

The men’s team is now 5-1 with their most recent 104-101 victory over their rival Scranton. They look to continue their excel- lent run of form scoring an average of 123 points per meet while only conceding an average of 77 points per meet. The team will swim against Catholic in their second to last home meet on Saturday, November 22 at 1:00pm.

Men’s soccer team makes Landmark Tournament

Megan Meluskey

Sports Editor

For the first time in program history, the Goucher Men’s Soccer team made it to the Landmark Conference tournament. Since Goucher joined the Landmark Conference in 2007, the Men’s soccer team has had yet to make a post-season appearance. That all changed this season when the team produced a record of 8-6-3 and a conference record of 3-3-2, which was good enough to get them the fourth and final seed in the tournament. Coach Laut, the Gophers head coach said, “Making the Landmark playoffs for the first time was extremely special for our group. It legitimizes our winning record over the past two years while also proving to us as a group that we are capable of reaching our goals and even more.”

The men were matched up against the top seed, The Catholic University, Cardinals, in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, November 5. Catholic scored the first goal of the game in the second half, but with just over three minutes left, Goucher’s Lashaw Salta ’15 tied the game with an unassisted goal. It was a hard fought and highly competitive matchup that sustained a 1-1 score through two overtimes. Finally, Catholic defeated the Gophers in penalty kicks. The shootout ended in a 7-6 score, crowning the Cardinals as the winners and propelling them to the championship round of the tournament.

For senior, Nate Margolis ’15, participating in the post season tournament was a huge highlight. He stated, “it was the most rewarding experience I have had through soccer. We worked for four years to build a team that was strong enough to make it to the playoffs and I felt like it was the culmination of, not only my own, but the coaches and the rest of the team’s work to achieve that goal.”

Many individuals on the team, including Margolis, were recognized by the conference and award All-Landmark recognition, a roster made up of the top players in the conference. Margolis, Tate Becker ’17, and Lashaw Salta ’15 were selected as 2nd team All-Landmark. One of this season’s top goals scorers Brandon Weiner ’15 landed on the 1st team of the All-Landmark squad.

Coach Laut, in his fifth season as head coach, was named Landmark Coach of the Year. Coach Laut says that three things produced their thrilling, record book season, “Every member of our team competed hard, believed in each other, and cared. They pushed each other when others would give up and were rewarded with some amazing and inspiring performances.”

Prior to 2007, the team was a member of the Capital Athletic Conference, and in the past 26 seasons, the men’s soccer team has produced four winning seasons; the last two seasons, the team has been above .500.

Midnight Madness kicks off basketball season

Eli Kaufman

Staff Writer

What do you get when you combine a 20 on 5 basketball game, free food, t-shirt giveaways, and school spirit? Pure madness of course! Wednesday, October 15 at midnight kicked off what is sure to be an exciting season of Goucher College basketball. Both Goucher basketball teams were met with cheers and screams from the crowd as they were introduced for the first time in the Decker Sports and Recreation Center. Both the men’s and women’s teams held a short scrimmage to give the student body a glimpse into what should be a successful season. Lexi Rudolph ‘16 helped facilitate the event and thought it was a great success. “I think there was good energy and the hip-hop team preformed exceptionally well. My favorite part was the hip-hop team performance and also when the teams were announced. I loved seeing how excited all the players were for their seasons to start. There was a sense of pride about playing for their respective programs.” The Goucher dance team and step team entertained the crowd as well. The event was a pleasant surprise for Evelyn Salazar ‘17. “This was my first time attending Midnight Madness and I loved it. I liked the amount of people that attended. It displayed the Goucher team spirit, which is something that is not usually seen here. It was nice to see everyone come out and support the basketball teams.” “The purpose,” according to Goucher Athletic Director, Geoff Miller, “is to generate excitement for the season. I am encouraged that this will result in more folks coming to games early on in the season to check things out.” Midnight Madness always sets things off on the right foot and gets everyone excited about basketball season. Let’s hope that excitement can carry into November and December.

San Francisco Giants win World Series

Siobhan Dempsey

Staff Writer

On Wednesday, October 29, 2014, the San Francisco Giants defeated the Kansas City Royals 3-2 in Game 7 of the World Series. Madison Bumgarner, pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, won the 2014 World Series MVP award due to his stellar pitching. Bumgarner pitched in three games this World Series and shut the Kansas City Royals out during two of those games. This was the third time that the San Francisco Giants have won the World Series in the last five years. Although this action is not unprecedented, it is still rather impressive. This was the eighth World Series win in the Giants franchise history, including the five wins that the franchise accrued when they were in New York. The Kansas City Royals had been the underdogs in the playoffs, as covered in the October 10th issue of The Quindecim. The Kansas City Royals entered the playoffs only by beating the Oakland Athletics in a sudden death wildcard game in late September. The Kansas City Royals had not been in the playoffs since 1985. Although the Kansas City Royals won the 1985 World Series, they had not won a World Series title before and they have not won a World Series title since. Many people thought and hoped that the Kansas City Royals would continue the momentum they gained during this year’s playoffs and go on to win the World Series and were incredibly disappointed when they did not succeed. Perhaps the Baltimore Orioles, our hometown team eliminated early in the playoffs, will do better next year.


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