Letters to the Editor

The views expressed in The Quindecim’s opinion section do not reflect the beliefs of the publication. It is our publication’s belief that under the First Amendment, writers on our opinion page have the right to voice unpopular opinions, and the privilege to either agree or disagree with the majority. Letters to the editor and guest contributions help preserve the right of students at this college to discuss and challenge what can often times be disliked.

The Quindecim welcomes letters to the editor or guest columns from all members of the Goucher College community. Submissions must include the author’s name, subject, and contact information.

The Quindecim does not publish anonymous letters or letters that are promotional in nature. We reserve the right to edit letters and guest columns for length, clarity and style, as well as the right to withhold letters based on the discretion of the editorial board. Letters to the editor or guest columns express the opinions of their authors and not necessarily the views of this publication.

Letters to the Editor may be submitted through quin@mail.goucher.edu.