Letter from faculty to student body: A call to action

Dear Goucher Students:

While scanning the recent headlines in this newspaper, we couldn’t help noticing that, regarding important campus issues, the most frequent subject is “administration.” As in: “Campus Vandalism leads to growing administration concerns,” or: “Facing tuition deficits, administration initiates cutbacks.”
We wondered: why aren’t there more events on the same subjects – campus vandalism and the school’s budget crisis, for instance – that would require The Q to have “student” as subject? In other words, is the administration really the only party “concerned”? And, do students know the tremendous power that they have to change things on campus, not only among students, but also with faculty and  administration? And, lastly, do students know enough about the ways that that power can be used?
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Letter to the editor: “Facing tuition deficits”

Dear Q Editors,

I wanted to thank the Q for writing about the financial state of the college and how it is being handled by the administration. Faculty have been working under difficult conditions for several years. Our salaries are significantly lower than that of our peer institutions, and we have yet to see our benefits fully re-instated to pre-recession levels. We understand how hard the recession has hit our students’ families, because our families have been hit too.  It is particularly difficult to know that we could get paid more elsewhere, yet most of us stay at Goucher because we love the students and the college. We work longer hours and make do with less. It is within this context that we recently learned of the administration’s “faculty right sizing” plans.  It hurts us deeply to know that some us will be losing our jobs, exponentially increasing the economic hardships we have been facing.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about and report on the financial state of the college and how it is negatively affecting our faculty.


Nina Kasniunas

The Poop in Stimson: Why? Seriously.

Charles Keiffer

In light of Candace Doane’s recent email to the student body, the discussions being had on Goucher Confessions, and word-of-mouth, I assume we are all aware by now that someone has been defecating on the stairs in Stimson. Some of us have not been so lucky as to hear about it, and had to discover this phenomenon the hard way – by nearly stepping in it.

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