Campus vandalism leads to growing administration concerns

Samantha Cooper
Staff Writer

Within the past month Goucher College has experienced a sudden rush of vandalism incidents. Many

Broken glass door in the main entrance to Heubeck. (Photo: Anna Martin)
Broken glass door in the main entrance to Heubeck. (Photo: Anna Martin)

students have seen the destruction, which has included five damaged ceiling tiles and graffiti in a bathroom. One of the doors leading to the Health Center was also cracked, a wall in Welsh was kicked in, and a Ping-Pong table was damaged. The total cost of the damage – including three damaged cars (two were “keyed” and one had its tires slashed) and a broken vending machine – is estimated to be $3,150.
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Athletics department aims for stricter policy for overnight recruits

Megan Meluskey
Staff Writer

Athletic Director, Geoff Miller and Vice President and Dean of Students, Bryan Coker introduced changes in policy regarding overnight visits for potential student athletes.  The Goucher athletic department now prohibits recruits from being taken off campus.
The new policy also requires a signature from both a parent of the recruit and the current student athlete hosting the recruit.  The signature implies that the host will refrain from providing alcohol to a recruit or consuming alcohol themselves.  This signature will be required of all hosts each time they he or she has a recruit.
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Pres. Ungar Addresses Alcohol Abuse on Campus

Sabrina Sarro
Staff Writer

President Sanford  Ungar addressed alocohol use on campus in an email sent to the Goucher community on Oct. 12. The amount of hospital transports due to alcohol abuse, he says, “deserves serious and immediate attention.”

Recent alcohol violations and hospital transports prompted President Sandford Ungar to send an email to the Goucher community encouraging students to consider their safety and the community principles. (Photo: Christopher Riley).

“It’s happening all over again, like some sort of deja vu,” Ungar said. “From time to time, we must confront this issue.”
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Sanctions increase in severity

Zachary Kohn
Staff Writer

On April 2nd Goucher President Sanford Ungar emailed the student body with a copy of the new alcohol and drug policy created by the Biennial review committee, comprising of various students, staff, and faculty members.

“We understand that students will make their own choices about using alcohol and other drugs,” Ungar admitted. “We also believe, as part of our community principle of responsibility, that students should be held accountable for their choices.” Continue reading

The 21 Club

Addie Maxwell
Opinion/Multimedia Editor

I turned 21 on the 26th of March.  It was a day I had been counting down to since last year.  I became close with a lot of seniors and was sad whenever they left my under aged self to go out.  I started drinking before than though.

My first drink came late in my junior year of high school.  Even then I don’t think I ever knew what drunk was until I came here.

I went through the usual freshman phases.  The plastic bottles of Zelco Vodka drank from shots or a horrible mixer choice from the vending machines, the swigs of mystery drink handed to me bysenior boys who in hindsight probably had questionable motives, and the plastic cups of jungle juice which were always a-plenty at my intramural soccer team’s parties.  Our Winslow triple always had ants stumbling around, drunk from the alcohol spills on our counter.

I don’t drink like that anymore.  I went to New Zealand and developed a taste for beer, wine, and sitting around drinking it.  I don’t drink like freshman year anymore, except for the night I went out for my 21st birthday. Continue reading