Professor Profile: Carolyn Schwarz

Christine Cherry
Sports Editor

Carolyn Schwarz, despite having been at Goucher for only a month, is already a popular face on campus. She replaced Susan Frekko, who is on sabbatical, in the anthropology department, which Schwarz describes as “friendly and welcoming.” Schwarz received her Ph. D in anthropology, specifically cultural anthropology, in 2007 from the University of Connecticut. Ever since she was young, Schwarz was fascinated with human interaction, calling herself a “curious child,” and constantly asking, “Why are people acting this way?”
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What’s Wrong With Being Lady-Like?

Emily Keyes
Sports Editor

Women’s History Month, which just finished its annual March run, has only been around since the 1980s. It was International Women’s Day first, and then Women’s History Week, until Congress decided that, like Beyonce belts out in her song “Run the World (Girls),” girls do in fact run the world, therefore, there should probably be a month dedicated to the mothers of mankind.

They celebrate it in Australia, Canada, and the US. Each year and each country has a theme; in the past, it has been “Women’s Education- Women’s Empowerment” and “Women in the Business of Food” in the US and Australia, respectively. I had no idea about any of this information until I started researching for this article.

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Goucher is First Choice for Australian Students

Christopher Riley
Photo and Multi-Media Editor

Goucher is made up of many different types of people: jocks, geeks, hipsters, to name a few.

Kahlia Johnson Poses in the  Inner Harbor in the Snow. Photo: Kahlia Johnson
Kahlia Johnson Poses in the inner harbor in the snow. Photo: Kahlia Johnson

One particular type of student that is overlooked is the international student. Goucher has hosted many different people from around the world, from countries near and far such as England, South Korea, China, and Australia. This semester Goucher is hosting two students from Down Under. Sophomore Kahlia Johnson is studying for her Bachelors of Science in psychology and junior Samantha Jones is studying for her Bachelors of Business, majoring in marketing and public relations.

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Deal Discusses Studying Abroad in Queensland, Australia

April Linder
Staff Writer
Andrew Deal

In a recent interview, Goucher student Andrew Deal ‘14 checked in from his semester abroad in Queensland, Australia.

The Quindecim: Where are you studying abroad? Can you compare and contrast the university to Goucher (academically, size, socially, etc.)?
Andrew Deal: I am studying at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Compared to Goucher, USC is a much larger school so academically it is sometimes harder to connect with your

Deal ‘14 spent time snorkeling while abroad in Australia (Photo courtesy of Andrew Deal).

lecturers and peers within the classroom. For most of my classes, I am just one of nearly two hundred students or so. However, I feel the classes do not challenge me in the same ways Goucher does intellectually. I think that is a reflection of the environment in which the school is located.

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