Student calls to impeach SGA President

Jaclyn Peiser

Samuel Kessler
News Editor

In the Executive Board meeting on Monday, September 23, Todd Troester ‘15 presented a letter calling for the impeachment of Student Government Association

SGA President Hayim Wolf at executive board meeting regarding senate logistics [Photo: Christopher Riley]
SGA President Hayim Wolf at executive board meeting regarding senate logistics [Photo: Christopher Riley]
President Hayim Wolf ‘14. As a result, SGA Executive Board voted to reconvene senate for this upcoming Sunday at 8 p.m. to call a vote for Wolf’s impeachment.
Troester’s proposal addresses the executive board’s decision to suspend senate and the constitution. The letter was initially sent to Executive Board in addition to the Dean of Students, Assistant Dean of Students, Special Assistant to the President, College Chaplain, Director of Student Engagement, Assistant Director for Programming and Orientation, Program Coordinator at OSE, Associate Director for Community-Based Learning and Community Service Programs, and the Assistant Vice President for Student Life.
“The current SGA president, as the Chair of the Executive Board, has the duty to uphold the SGA Constitution and was elected to uphold the very Constitution he has suspended,” the letter reads. “The current SGA president has failed to take responsibility for his unconstitutional acts.”
Troester had an opportunity to present his proposition to approximately one-hundred students who attended the meeting.
“I have nothing to gain and nothing to lose from this,” Troester stated. “I do not intend on being on Exec Board. I do not intend to run for president.”
Rather, Troester’s frustration stemmed from the lack of communication, representation, and adherence to the Constitution by the president and Executive Board. Troester intended for the letter to serve as a warning to the rest of Executive Board, noting in a private meeting that according to the constitution all members of the Board are impeachable. The constitution does not give Executive Board the power to dissolve senate or to suspend the constitution.
Wolf responded to the letter of impeachment openly.
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