Club Profile: GOP Club

Michael Layer

Staff Writer

Republicans often have been characterized as being uncharitable with an over-emphasis on self-interests and a stubborn unwillingness to compromise. However, George El-Khoury ’16, an organizing force for the Goucher College GOP Club, was able to confidently dispel these unfair accusations. The Goucher College GOP Club is a collective, governed by harried republican beliefs regarding politics at the federal and local level.

“We are starting this club to help the community and to have fun with it,” El-Khoury said, speaking on behalf of his fellow club members. Already, he and the club have been able to do both, raising over $200.00 for the Michael Lynch 9/11 Foundation. The club has been excelling in bettering its community and has no plans on stopping: “We plan to host events, raise money for charities, [and] get involved… Our goal is to help Goucher and the greater communities.”

After a brief hiatus and a change in club management, the Goucher College GOP Club seems to be back and better than ever. The club has yet to elect officers to set positions, but the structure of the club has been formed around Mark McDonald ’16, Stefan Shultz’16, Michael Brennan ’16, and also El-Khoury. “We believe a diverse campus like Goucher’s needs [a Republican club].” However, a diverse campus, like Goucher, must include all sides of the political spectrum. El-Khoury spoke regarding the unbalanced distribution of political affiliations: “Although we are vastly outnumbered, we respect the opinions and viewpoints of our fellow students… our goal is not to convert people from liberal to conservative, but to express ourselves in a respectful manner.”The club’s design is dedicated to bettering the local community, whether that is through fundraising and community service, expressing their opinions and introducing different ways of thinking, or simply through setting an example on campus. “We are passionate about what we believe in… but we will have open doors for anyone who is interested, whether you are a Republican or not. We want to make a positive impact on our community.”

Rotaract club promotes local and international community service

Tori Russel
Staff Writer

“Are you the ROTC? The Rota-what?” These are just a couple of the reactions both students and staff have had when hearing about

Members of Goucher’s Rotaract club in the Athenaeum posing for a picture (Photo: Tori Russel)
Members of Goucher’s Rotaract club in the Athenaeum posing for a picture (Photo: Tori Russel)

Goucher’s brand new Rotaract Club, more formally known as the Rotaract Club of Towson. Established in Feb. of 2013, the Rotaract Club was started by Sara Kern and Tori Russell, who were both freshmen at the time. Rotaract is the young adult version of Rotary, with its members ranging in age from 18-30. The club’s main goals include developing professional and leadership skills, as well as participating and organizing service activities. As required by Rotary, each club is also in charge of one local service project, as well as one international service project each year.
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Club Profile: Ag Co-Op

Todd Troester

It’s easy to get sucked up into the endless hours of classes and homework. Everyone needs summertime to recharge their batteries with some relaxing fun, and this summer, Goucher’s Agriculture Cooperative, more commonly called the Ag Co-Op, found a great way to do just that. The

Billy Daly with members of the Ag Co-op harvesting hydroponic lettuce (Photo: Todd Troester)
Billy Daly with members of the Ag Co-op harvesting hydroponic lettuce (Photo: Todd Troester)

club renovated the space behind Welsh Hall to create a community garden that will help move the college towards greater food sustainability. The best part is that all students, faculty, and staff are welcome to work in the garden to recharge their own batteries with some good old-fashioned dirty work such as weeding, watering, and harvesting.
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Golf Club: Goucher’s Newest Swing

Emily Keyes
Sports Editor
With the new school year brings a plethora of new clubs. Golf Club, one of the aforementioned newbies on the scene, is perfect for those students looking for a fun, relaxing activity to get involved in. Started by Noah Klein, Dean Silverman, and Phelan Shea, the purpose of Golf Club is to provide Goucher with a relaxing community in which athletes and non-athletes alike can learn a new sport, meet new people, and develop a skill that will carry them through their undergraduate years and beyond.

The club provides its members, most of whom have no prior experience with the sport, with weekly lessons and range times. The lessons are taught by Julieta Stack, head of Baltimore Golf Academy, and as with all other golf club practices, are held at Pine Ridge Golf Course in Timonium, a mere ten minutes away from Goucher’s campus. Lessons occur each Friday from three to four in the afternoon, and range times are held from three to five on Friday afternoons and ten to noon on Sunday mornings. In addition to these practices, the club also holds a weekly event, ranging from barbecues to movie nights to Nintendo golf tournaments. Chipping competitions will also be held on campus and will be open to non-members. For those of us who do not know what chipping is (including me prior to writing this article), it involves purposely hitting the ball in the air so that it rolls when it lands. It is a difficult skill to master, but the aim of the competition is to learn by doing. Contact Noah Klein at for the specific date and time of this and other competitions.

When asked if the Golf Club will be competing against other schools anytime soon, President Noah Klein said that he does not foresee any inter-school competition developing within the next few years. Instead, the club wants to focus on improving the team’s skills and building the golf community at Goucher. Inter-team competitions will become more frequent as the club gains more members, and Noah Klein cited the team’s betting policy as a perfect example: a member of the team can bet the rest of the team that he/she can make a certain shot and, if the shot is made, deserves a reward of his/her choice. If two-thirds or more of the team approves the bet, the member may proceed. This helps to foster the enjoyable atmosphere the Golf Club holds as one its core values.

As membership increases and the club gains more SGA funding for trips and t-shirts, the goal is to become one of the premiere student organizations on campus. It gives its members a reprieve from their daily academic stresses, and gives them a new outlet with which to meet people that they otherwise might not have come in contact with. As Noah Klein said best, “There was love, there was loss, and then there was Golf Club.”

Club Profile: Goucher MMA Club

Christopher Riley
Staff Writer

Led by both Annie Cutcheon ‘14 and Jake Mariarni ‘13, the Goucher Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Club gathers every Sunday and Monday night. Cutcheon—a transfer student—has been training in MMA for the last 6 months. Her main interest lies in a particular form of martial art called Muay Thai, which originated in Thailand. Focusing more on punches and kicks while standing, it has been called “the art of eight limbs,” as it utilizes both arms, both legs, both knees, and both elbows.

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