Athlete Profile: Ethan DeBandi

Sarah Pardus
Chief Copy Editor

The Goucher College men’s soccer team is off to a strong start again this year with the help of Ethan DeBandi. The Gophers are currently 5-2, partially due to DeBandi’s

Ethan DeBandi (Men’s Soccer) at Beldon Field. (Photo: Nora Morgan)
Ethan DeBandi (Men’s Soccer) at Beldon Field. (Photo: Nora Morgan)

goalkeeping skills. The sophomore saved five goals in the team’s second game, leading to a 4-0 shutout after a 2-0 shutout in the season opener. They are having the most successful season since 2009.
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Julia Rogers Classrooms to Improve Academics

Maring Eberlein
Staff Writer

With an ever-expanding campus that has outgrown its various academic homes, class space can be difficult to come by. Whether the course requires a certain space with computers or studios or labs or a standard room, limited space has caused some interesting, if not inconvenient, class times.

“There are moments during the day – and evening – when much of the classroom space is utilized because a lot of faculty want ideal hours to teach,” said John Turner, Professor in the Communications department.

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