Goucher Eats: Welcome to the Good Life

Kathryn Walker
Staff Writer

One week ago, I found myself tramping through the dim morning half-light to pick up my family from the airport.  My body couldn’t figure out if it wanted to sleep or wake-up: my eyes were half shut with fatigue while my legs churned beneath me, powering me down the road to the train station all the way to the airport where I found myself standing and waiting with my 20 pound backpack for my family to come out of customs.  Fortunately, I had bought five pain au chocolate the morning before for the incoming stampede of Walkers.  My rational: they needed to start off their trip correctly.  And so armed with croissants from a Meilleur Ouvrier de France, or the French equivalent of an Oscar for culinaires,  I stood there in the Charles de Gaulle airport ready to welcome them to the Good Life of Eating in Paris.

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