Club Profile: Art History

Hannah Reed
Staff Writer

Study abroad often serves as a time of inspiration and reflection for those experiencing a culture apart from their own, and many Goucher students have returned from a winter, summer or semester abroad with fresh ideas in their head, ready to share their energy and ideas with their peers. This year has been no different, and it was such inspiration that planted the initial seed for the birth and development of an exciting new addition to our campus—the Art History Club.
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Disruption of the global economy, can we restore confidence?

Ryan Derham
Co-Global Editor

Although the government shutdown has ended, during the crisis, United States citizens were primarily preoccupied with a labor and economic crises facing them, but this shutdown also poses problems globally. Many departments that administer U.S. global relations still ran, but this does not mean that all is well regarding international relations. The departments included the State Department and Consular Operations. Homeland Security continued with 86 percent of its staff. This meant that the Coast Guard and Border Protection remained in tact. So, the “essentials” were covered, but since the shutdown stretched over two weeks, tourism revenue was threatened. Tourists planning trips to the U.S. may have reconsidered because many museums and national parks were closed. Additionally, this extended period of time caused foreign investors to lose faith in the stability of the United States economy. This is the issue which is most pressing post-government shutdown.
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Post-shutdown musings on the U.S. government

Jordan Javelet
Opinion Editor

Despite the vandalism on campus that suggested otherwise, I think it’s probably safe to say that most students here at Goucher were mostly unaffected by the government shutdown. Financial aid continued without any hitches and students studying abroad next semester probably weren’t prevented from doing so because of passport renewal services being shut down, considering those services were only shut down for about a week.
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