Campus vandalism leads to growing administration concerns

Samantha Cooper
Staff Writer

Within the past month Goucher College has experienced a sudden rush of vandalism incidents. Many

Broken glass door in the main entrance to Heubeck. (Photo: Anna Martin)
Broken glass door in the main entrance to Heubeck. (Photo: Anna Martin)

students have seen the destruction, which has included five damaged ceiling tiles and graffiti in a bathroom. One of the doors leading to the Health Center was also cracked, a wall in Welsh was kicked in, and a Ping-Pong table was damaged. The total cost of the damage – including three damaged cars (two were “keyed” and one had its tires slashed) and a broken vending machine – is estimated to be $3,150.
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Displaced T residents rant in the aftermath of the Welsh Hall flood

Samuel Kessler
News Editor

Christopher Riley
Associate Editor

Disclaimer: This article was written in a moment of passion after the flooding. It should not be taken as an endorsement of anger, but an expression of it. As the last paragraph states, ” Residents of the T, this is the time you prove yourselves. Be adults.” This applies to interactions with all Goucher community members effected by the flooding, including the student who caused it. In no way do the thoughts or opinions of the writers act as the thoughts and opinions of the Quindecim Newspaper.

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