From an athlete: Reasons to resurfacing Goucher’s outdoor track

Zoe Malkin
Staff  Writer

For as long as running has been a human activity, people have been plagued by shin splints. Runners use ice-cups, complete series of stretches with their feet and calves to

Members of women’s Cross Country after the Baltimore Metro Meet. (Photo: Christopher Riley)
Members of women’s Cross Country after the Baltimore Metro Meet. (Photo: Christopher Riley)

increase strength, and they even spend time in training rooms. But what if there was a solution, or at least something that would help prevent them? Something like squishy, up-to-date outdoor tracks that have both the support and the buoyancy to decrease the amount of pounding our bodies endure with each stride. While an expensive endeavor, resurfacing a track is a project well worth the expense. It’s our bodies we are talking about. With that said, the topic of re-surfacing the Goucher track has been an issue that the cross-country and track and field teams have discussed. Sooner rather than later, our beloved over-used track needs to be taken care of.
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Julia Rogers Classrooms to Improve Academics

Maring Eberlein
Staff Writer

With an ever-expanding campus that has outgrown its various academic homes, class space can be difficult to come by. Whether the course requires a certain space with computers or studios or labs or a standard room, limited space has caused some interesting, if not inconvenient, class times.

“There are moments during the day – and evening – when much of the classroom space is utilized because a lot of faculty want ideal hours to teach,” said John Turner, Professor in the Communications department.

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Unexpected renovations replace game room with offices

Lyle Hawrhorne
Staff Writer

For Table Top Gaming Club president Jack Swallow, notice that he would have to relocate his club’s weekly meetings came in the form of an unexpected email.

“I sent an email to my club with the usual notification saying: ‘Come to the Game Room so we can play‘ — but I got an email back from one of my members saying that the game room was being renovated,” Swallow said.

For Swallow, like many other students, the repurposing of the Game Room into faculty office space was a complete surprise, though plans for the relocation have been in the works since the fall.

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