Provost Marc Roy announces resignation; search committee assembled

Shaina Kanter

Staff Writer

Dr. Marc Roy began working at Goucher College in June 2007 as the Provost. Looking back, he is still able to visualize what first attracted him to this campus. “The atmosphere, the emphasis on international and interdisciplinary learning, environmental studies…the culture of the college really drew me here,” Roy said.

A few weeks ago, Roy decided to resign on June 30, 2015. Though he will miss his job, and faculty and staff will miss him; Dr. Roy asserts that now is a time of change.

“When you work at the administrative level, there’s a certain amount of time when you can be effective, and you have to try and figure out how much longer you can be effective in a particular position. And with the new president coming in, who’s got terrific ideas, a lot of enthusiasm, I thought it would be best if he were able to work with somebody that he chose so that he can really have the best opportunity to implement his visions.”

Dr. Roy sees President José Bowen’s new term as the catalyst for the transformation Goucher College is embarking on, and he views his specialties and skills as being better suited elsewhere during this transitive state of the college. “There are many factors that influenced the decsion, and certainly I want President Bowen to have the best support he can.”

Dr. Roy assures that he would support President Bowen as Provost, but his history with the college makes it difficult for him to help President Bowen with his goals. A new provost appointed in part by President Bowen would, in Dr. Roy’s opinion, help with the fruition of his hopes for the institution.

Dr. Roy added, ”Not that I dwell in the past, but you can’t forget the past. And that was a part of the decision.”

This is a time for both the college and Dr. Roy to step into the future. Though he is “undetermined” about the potential trajectory of his career, Dr. Roy is excited for new prospects. “I am a tenured member of the faculty, so I may have a sabbatical leave and then teach in the biology department. And I will also look at other opportunities that come along, and if there’s something that really intrigues me then I might apply for some other jobs. My first love was teaching, and so I may well go back to teaching.”

Bowen commented, “Marc Roy has served Goucher incredibly well and loyally for 8 years as Provost. We will miss him in this role, but I know he is also a terrific scholar and teacher. A search committee is being formed and will be announced in a week or so. The faculty have initiated a process to nominate and then elect 4 members of the committee, one of whom will be co-chair.”

The search committee, according to Dr. Roy, will produce an announcement that describes what they are looking for in a new provost. The traditional first day for new hires is July 1, the first day of Goucher College’s fiscal year.

As his last day on the job grows closer, Dr. Roy reciprocates feelings of co-worker admiration, at the risk of sounding cliché. “It has really, and this sounds trite I know, but it’s really been a pleasure working with the faculty and staff and helping to support student learning. Goucher is a fabulous place with many great people. And I will miss being in this job, but I know that some other good opportunity will be there: maybe teaching, maybe somewhere else. “

On Tuesday, November 4, President Bowen emailed the faculty, staff, and trustees informing them that a search committee of twelve people has been selected, and that the process will begin soon. In February, candidates will be brought to campus. There will be more information to come on Goucher’s website.

Provost Marc Roy announces resignation

Rachel Brustein


On Friday, October 17, Provost Marc Roy sent an email to the faculty announcing his resignation as of June 30, 2015. Roy began working at Goucher in the summer of 2007 and “has seen many positive changes,” as well as challenges, since coming to Goucher, according to the email. The email said that he plans to either go back to teaching,  or look for a position elsewhere.

A few hours after Roy’s email was sent out, college president José Bowen sent an email to the faculty thanking Marc Roy for his eight years of dedication to the college. Bowen also announced that he is in the process of structuring a search committee to find the next provost. The committee will consist of one vice president, four faculty members, two trustees, two staff members, one student, and one alumnae/i. His email said that he hopes to launch the search as soon as possible.

Provost Marc Roy announces Dr. LaJerne Cornish as Goucher’s new associate dean of undergraduate studies

Jaclyn Peiser

Samuel Kessler
News Editor

Provost Marc Roy announced in an email to the faculty and staff on Tuesday, Feb. 16 that LaJerne Cornish will assume the role of associate dean of undergraduate studies next fall.

LaJerne Cornish, chair of the education department and chair of faculty, in her office in Van Meter (Photo: Christopher Riley)
LaJerne Cornish, chair of the education department and chair of faculty, in her office in Van Meter (Photo: Christopher Riley)

“I’m very excited. I’ve worked closely with LaJerne in her role as chair of the faculty for the last three years,” Roy said. “She is absolutely wonderful in the way she works with students and her colleagues and I am very excited to have the chance to continue working with her in this capacity.”
The Provost first announced the search for current Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies Amanda Thom Woodson’s replacement in a Jan. 13 letter to faculty and staff. Woodson will meet her two-term limit this spring semester and Roy asked for nominations and self-nominations. According to Woodson, other members of the staff and faculty asked to be part of the interview process, including Woodson’s assistant, the Director of the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) Peejo Sehr, and Frona Brown, the college disabilities specialist. After going through the nomination and interview processes, Roy explained, “LaJerne was the best candidate.”
This sentiment continues across the college community.
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Administration rejects boycott of Israeli institutions

Megan Meluskey
Staff Writer

Goucher College announced its decision to reject the academic boycott of Israeli universities and colleges in a letter to the Goucher college community on Dec. 27.
As 2013 came to a conclusion, the American Studies Association (ASA) endorsed an academic boycott of all Israeli universities and
colleges. The ASA, one of largest and oldest academic associations in the country, works to promote and encourage the study of learning and education across the country.
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Provost Roy visits Goucher Assembly, explains faculty cuts

Jaclyn Peiser

Provost Marc Roy attended Student Assembly on Sunday, Nov. 24 to present the

Provost Marc Roy talks to students about the budget deficits in the Hyman Forum (Photo: Christopher Riley)
Provost Marc Roy talks to students about the budget deficits in the Hyman Forum (Photo: Christopher Riley)

college’s recent budgetary restraints and subsequent changes with the student to faculty ratio.
About 80 students gathered in the Hyman Forum to hear Roy’s presentation, which began with an overview of the college’s financial shortfalls in tuition net-revenue.
“This year our budget has about six main areas; two-thirds of the budget comes from net undergraduate tuition and fees and housing and dining,” Roy said. “That means tuition after any financial aid you received is factored out… That’s $40 million right there.”
Roy explained that the college’s expenses must equal its revenue. Therefore, when the college budgeted for more students than the number that actually enrolled, they had to re-balance the budget. In addition, Roy explained that within the college’s $59.9 million budget, about two-thirds is designated to salaries and benefits for faculty and staff.
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Students and faculty notice changes in fall 2013 academic calendar

Christopher Riley
Associate Editor

Throughout the semester, rumors have been circulating around Goucher’s campus regarding an extra week being added to the semester.  The first students to move in, Community Assistants and members of the Orientation Committee, arrived on Aug. 15. A week later, on Aug. 22, the campus opened to first year students for orientation. Throughout that weekend, upperclassman returned to campus; classes began Monday, Aug. 26.
“There are a great number of events that need to be included into the calendar each year,” Provost Marc Roy said. The scheduled events range from athletic competitions and religious high holidays to midterm and final exams.
Roy explained that each year, the registrar, Andrew Westfall, creates the academic calendar’s first draft. That draft is then altered by the athletic department, the school chaplain and rabbi, and the academic staff, before the senior staff revises the final version of the calendar.
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Trustees approve budget, expect $1 million cut in 2015 academic budget

Jaclyn Peiser

The Board of Trustees approved a balanced budget on Oct. 18 that was approximately $2.1 million less than the preliminary budget created this past May. The need to restructure the budget came from an unexpected drop in income for the college. Noel-Levitz, the consulting firm the college hired to predict student enrollment for the 2013-2014 academic year, said the college should expect 52 more full time equivalent (FTE) students than they ended up receiving. The loss in net-tuition, combined with less revenue from housing and dining, forced the senior staff to restructure the budget.
The senior staff continually met to find ways to cut spending throughout the summer and up until the first round of approvals by the Budget Committee on Sept. 30. Next, the Executive Committee reviewed and approved the budget on Oct. 8.
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