Take Back the Night returns to Goucher, raises awareness

Samantha Cooper
News Editor

On Thursday, April 24 a group of students gathered in the Pearlstone Atrium for Goucher’s annual Take Back the Night event, where victims of sexual assault spoke about their experiences to others. Events like the one at Goucher take place all over the country, many at college campuses, and each does the event differently. The event typically includes a march and an opportunity for victims to speak out.
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Club Profile: Goucher MMA Club

Christopher Riley
Staff Writer

Led by both Annie Cutcheon ‘14 and Jake Mariarni ‘13, the Goucher Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Club gathers every Sunday and Monday night. Cutcheon—a transfer student—has been training in MMA for the last 6 months. Her main interest lies in a particular form of martial art called Muay Thai, which originated in Thailand. Focusing more on punches and kicks while standing, it has been called “the art of eight limbs,” as it utilizes both arms, both legs, both knees, and both elbows.

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