Campus vandalism leads to growing administration concerns

Samantha Cooper
Staff Writer

Within the past month Goucher College has experienced a sudden rush of vandalism incidents. Many

Broken glass door in the main entrance to Heubeck. (Photo: Anna Martin)
Broken glass door in the main entrance to Heubeck. (Photo: Anna Martin)

students have seen the destruction, which has included five damaged ceiling tiles and graffiti in a bathroom. One of the doors leading to the Health Center was also cracked, a wall in Welsh was kicked in, and a Ping-Pong table was damaged. The total cost of the damage – including three damaged cars (two were “keyed” and one had its tires slashed) and a broken vending machine – is estimated to be $3,150.
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Dear Fellow Students:

Emily Keyes
Staff Writer

When you return to your houses on summer break, do you drunkenly destroy the paintings on the walls, the family photos on the mantle, or the posters in your room? Do you set fire to your kitchen table, knock down light fixtures, or throw up on your mother’s antique carpet after you’ve had a little too much rum and coke?

Versions of these occurrences are happening every weekend on our campus, our home away from home. Is this how a home ought to be treated?  Our campus should be respected, handled with the same love and care with which you give your Victorian houses, your New York apartments, and your one-story ranchers. After all, you and your parents are invested in this home. Why vandalize something you are paying for?

Please, think before you act. Remember why you came to Goucher, why you decided that it was the school for you.    Continue reading

Heubeck vandalism results in increase of patrol, fines

India Kushner
Staff Writer

As part of an ongoing issue of vandalism, an email was sent out to the residents of Heubeck explaining that they would have to pay for the repair of the exit signs that have been continuously ripped down. Not only has this vandalism been continuous, but, according to Rebecca Dietrich, Director of Public Safety, it has escalated.

Dietrich said that Public Safety officers have increased their patrol of the problem areas and interviewed some of the residents. However, these incidents are part of an on-going investigation. Continue reading