What’s Your Couch Pointed Towards?: The Voice

Ada Maxwell
Opinion Editor

I’m not big on reality television.  Yes, I get sucked in like everyone on occasion, one can only avoid Bravo’s Real Housewives marathons so many times, but for the most part I am a scripted series gal.

I have few acceptions to that rule, NBC’s The Voice, being one of them.

When The Voice, which is based off of the Dutch The Voice of Holland, first came into its American existence in the spring of 2011, American Idol was at its gluttonous peak.  It was about to name Scotty McCreery, the teenage deep voiced, and very cheesy,  country singer their champion.  The runner up?  Another teenager who’d grown up watching, and wanting to be on, American Idol.

Yuck, way to make me want to barf and feel old at the same time.

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